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Today we have influence from thousands of social and other media outlets on the web. To ignore the information age in regards to  learning is to place yourself on a path of possible obsolescence though debt. It is true that the  traditional 4 year college (with some exceptions) is a dinosaur in a point and click world. Ask your self this question. What is the current value proposition of a list of student loans with and insufficient ROI. The math is no longer in the students favor.

Believe in Your Self

Businessman Warren Buffet of Berkshire Hathaway says, “every human being in the us has a net worth at birth of around 50 to 100 thousand dollars at birth”. Graduate students tend to sell themselves short and begin their business lives in debt. Virtually everything you can learn in college you can earn on the web by utilizing the tools.

Suffice it to say there are exceptions to the rule when it comes to the legal or medical professions. In the case of trade crafts an apprenticeship or internship may be the answer to augment your level of articulation of the skill set you build through online education.

Over the next 20 years the role of the traditional 4 year learning institution will be greatly reduced. To predict the future with any degree of accuracy is to know your history. We have seen methodologies which appear to be set in stone vanish.

Here are a few resources that may be of help to get you started.

Online Education Resources